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Ninna Gaby Aveda Career Fair 2013

(AVEDA Career Fair 2013)

We don’t do hair but we are passionate about this industry.

We looked at our purpose as being an advocate for both stylists and clients for better results in communication, education, and connection.

Have you ever had a bad haircut? Have you ever given a bad haircut? 

No one sets out to do a bad job so when there’s a bad result, it’s due to a lack of communication, education, and connection. 

Have you ever had a great haircut? Have you ever given a great haircut?

This is when communication, education, and connection is successful. This is the goal of what we do. We want to put more of this out into the world.

Getting your hair done is an experience. And beyond that experience, it becomes your everyday life. You wake up with it, you live in it, and it becomes a part of how you feel about yourself. Our mission is to connect people who speak the same hair language with the ultimate goal of creating exceptional every day looks that make you feel exceptional every day.

Gaby and Ninna opened establish salon in 2013. Ninna’s professional background is in salon management and small business banking and Gaby learned website and social media management. With an appreciation for their individual strengths, the pair came together to bring the conception, construction, and creation of establish salon to life.

We wanted to create a salon experience that was beyond foils and hair cuts. We wanted to connect people and be a part of a community to create beauty around us, inside and out. We chose to be an AVEDA salon because we value their environmental leadership and responsibility, and we surround ourselves every day with experts who care.

Ninna Gaby Aveda Career Fair 2021

(AVEDA Career Fair 2021)

8 years later, we still continue to grow as we go and we hope that never changes. We’ve been up to a few new things this year that we’re excited about and welcome you to be a part of: 

Created a fundraiser for Washington County Parks to celebrate Earth Day, learn more here. On the Lake Elmo National Night Out committee this summer and tie-dyed t-shirts with the kids. Our stylists became certified in hand-tied hair extensions and learned from the best about new techniques and trends in male hair styles and curly haircuts.  Became a part of the Sustainable Stillwater Green Business Directory, visit our Green Business Award here. Joined the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, visit our chamber listing here. Joined the Lake Elmo Business/Steering Committee for new and fun ideas for Lake Elmo – stay tuned!