We want to empower the people on both sides of the chair.

It all started with a bad haircut when Ninna was in middle school. She called it her Amelia Bedilia haircut and it made her sad, frustrated, and insecure. She didn’t want to be seen, she just wanted to scream and cry.


A few years later, while working as a receptionist at a salon, she saw the other side of a bad haircut: the stylist’s side. She saw the same feelings of sadness, frustration, and insecurity. She saw the stylist as a person and it made her understand hair in a whole new way.


Hair is emotional and vulnerable. And for the people on both sides of the chair, that emotion and vulnerability gives a haircut the power to create confidence, empowerment, and make people shine.


We don’t do hair ourselves but we are passionate about this industry and all the beauty it creates – both inside and out – for the people on both sides of the chair.


We believe in our stylists. We believe in our clients. And we believe in creating a space that empowers both.

Ninna Gaby Aveda Career Fair 2013

(Aveda Career Fair 2013)

Ninna Gaby Aveda Career Fair 2021

(Aveda Career Fair 2021)

Gaby and Ninna opened establish salon in 2013. Ninna’s professional background is in salon management and small business banking and Gaby learned website and social media management. With an appreciation for their individual strengths, the pair came together to bring the conception, construction, and creation of establish salon to life.


We wanted to create a salon experience where both clients and stylists could feel supported. We wanted to connect people and be a part of a community to create beauty around us, inside and out. We chose to be an Aveda salon because we value their environmental leadership and responsibility, and we surround ourselves every day with experts who care about people and the planet.


8 years later, we still continue to grow as we go and we hope that never changes.