For us, it's all about establishing beauty & wellness for the people on both sides of the chair.

Our story starts with a bad haircut when Ninna was in middle school. She called it her Amelia Bedilia haircut and it made her sad, frustrated, and insecure. She didn’t want to be seen, she just wanted to lock herself in her room to scream and cry.


A few years later, while working as a receptionist at a salon, she saw the other side of a bad haircut: the stylist’s side. She saw the same feelings of sadness, frustration, and insecurity. She saw the stylist as a person and it made her understand hair in a whole new way.


We opened establish salon in 2013 with the goal of creating a space where both stylists and clients could feel seen and heard. We don’t do hair ourselves and that is intentional. It keeps us in the middle, to serve as a bridge between stylist and client, and continue to have empathy for both.

Ninna Gaby Aveda Career Fair 2013

(Aveda Career Fair 2013)

Ninna Gaby Aveda Career Fair 2021

(Aveda Career Fair 2021)

Ninna’s professional background is in salon management and small business banking. She serves as a member of the Economic Development Authority for the City of Lake Elmo and advisor to Connect Lake Elmo. She has a natural ability to see your potential and gets behind you to make beautiful things happen.


Gaby’s professional background is in dental assisting, which she did for ten years in the Stillwater area. She knows how to run a packed schedule. And equally understands the importance of balance between movement and rest.  Gaby currently serves as a board member of Connect Lake Elmo and is on the Event Planning Committee.