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“She decided to start living the life she had imagined.”  That was the “sign,” literally on a sign, that made two sisters look at each other, smile, and know they were about to make a very important decision together. 

Since she was 16, and a receptionist at an Aveda hair salon, Ninna fell in love with the smells and sounds of the beauty industry, and decided that someday she would own her own salon.  A passion for the numbers, operations, and behind-the-scenes business side of the industry, Ninna went down the path of finance, HR management, and marketing rather than cosmetology school.  Her experiences managing salons and being a small business banker helped give her the tools she needed to follow her calling. 

In 2013, Ninna came across the unexpected opportunity to start and open her own salon. Unsure if timing was right and if going on this journey was the right decision, Ninna consulted with her sister, Gaby, to help with the conception, construction, and creation of what would be establish salon.  Not pulling the trigger yet, Ninna said she needed a sign to know she was doing the right thing. While out and about one day, Ninna and Gaby saw the sign they needed and knew they were ready to start this journey together.

Ninna and Gaby grew up with Aveda and loved the products and culture at a young age.  Being drawn to the mission and promise to be environmentally responsible, Ninna and Gaby knew they wanted the salon to be a part of the Aveda community.

Establish salon opened October 2013 and Gaby told Ninna that she had also fallen in love with the smells and sounds and wanted to stay on board, not just as a silent partner. Gaby still works her full-time job but found a passion for promoting the stylists and the work they do and curates the salon’s social media presence. And Ninna, the boss lady around here, gets to do what she loves every day in the salon.

At Establish Salon, we make every effort to inspire creative and thoughtful results, personal growth, teamwork, innovation, and community involvement while creating beautiful hair. We commit to being productive and beneficial each and every day. We aspire to be the best version of ourselves and encourage each employee and client to establish their identity and thrive.