Stylist, Colorist, Extension Specialist


Nadia is in her 7th year as a professional hair stylist and made establish salon her home after graduating. She received Best Stylist and Best Colorist awards from the community for the Stillwater Gazette Reader’s Choice Awards.


She is certified in easihair pro hair extensions and loves the damage-free versatility they provide in creating the look you want. Whether you are looking for full volume or full length, Nadia enjoys working with her clients to achieve exceptional results. To learn how adding hair can impact your look, ask Nadia at your next appointment. In addition to her hair extension experience, Nadia has a meticulous eye for cut and style and enjoys creating looks for men, women, and children. Nadia’s sweet, calm, and conscientious manner makes for a relaxing experience.


women cut $55
men cut $40
child cut $30


Nadia’s color service prices are determined in her consultations. See services page for base prices.



Stylist, Colorist, Men’s Haircut Specialist, Extension Certified


Haley is a thinker and an analyzer and she eats, sleeps, and breathes color. A master beyond her years, Haley has a deep understanding of tones and pigments and the formulas it takes to get you where you want to go. She believes that great color is best achieved with a healthy foundation – the healthier the hair, the more vibrant the color, the happier you’ll both be – and she takes time to customize your unique color journey. 


Haley uses a blend of classic and modern techniques in everything she does, from applying color or painting blonding, to cutting hair for men, women, and children. She is confident working with all types of hair textures and has a meticulous eye for shaping short haircut styles for both men and women.  


She is certified in both tape-in and hand-tied applications of hair extensions and enjoys adding them to your look to achieve volume, length, chemical-free natural color, or pops of bright fashion colors. 


Haley is constantly learning, exploring, and finding new ways to deliver better results. She invests her time in advanced training in all areas of her craft and knows how to take care of your hair, both in the salon and at home, because your hair is one of the beautiful things that make you you. 


women cut $50
men cut $45
child cut $25


Haley’s color service prices are determined in her consultations. See services page for base prices.



Stylist, Colorist, Extension Certified


Before coming to establish salon, Cayla spent the first year of her career exclusively doing hair color. She now does it all from color and blonding to cutting and extensions. In everything she does, she sees the details and wants to do things right. 


Cayla has worn both tape-in and hand-tied hair extensions for years and took a personal interest in the process as she became certified in both applications. She has worn both for volume, length, or for special occasions, and chances are good she has some in right now. She has also applied both applications and developed a deeper understanding of which style to recommend based on your unique needs and hair type. Her knowledge and first-hand experiences make her a great resource to talk to for answers to your hair extension questions.  


Balayage is what people go to Cayla for. She puts out an energy for this that people gravitate towards and she gets excited about painting a little blonde into your look, one ribbon at a time. What she loves about this blonding technique is that it’s a great way to introduce a little dimension for teens in a soft and low maintenance way. It’s also great for anyone wanting a more natural look, whether your hair is straight, curly, light, dark, short, or long. 


Cayla has been growing as a stylist this past year with us, learning more about cutting, hair extensions, and blow outs, and receives guidance from our master stylists. She welcomes the opportunity to apply what she is learning and be a part of your customized hair journey.


women cut $32
men cut $32
child cut $20


Cayla’s color service prices are determined in her consultations. See services page for base prices.



Independent Stylist, Joico Hair Color


Cindy started as a professional hair stylist on Grand Avenue in St. Paul and has been on the cutting edge of the industry throughout her career. After spending time in the cities she moved to Lake Elmo, made it home, and fell in love with the community.


Cindy has an extensive advanced education and experience portfolio and is truly an artist with each look she creates. She is a master at creating the perfect tone and uses foils, balayage hand painting, and all over color placement techniques for the perfect customized look.  Her cutting expertise spans across all textures and styles for both men and women and her specialty lies in short female haircuts. 


Cindy is also a certified Zumba and Barre instructor and believes in the connection between health and beauty to achieve wellness both inside and out. She is very much an advocate for both of her crafts and the life-changing benefits and results they can have. 


women cut $55
men cut $40
child cut $30


Cindy’s color service prices are determined in her consultations. See services page for base prices.