Hairstylists are the best people. And we firmly, wholly, 1000% agree that we need them in our lives. So we built our business around them.

Imagine waking up in the morning, sipping your coffee, looking in your closet, getting ready for the day and…your haircut lays just right so it’s easy to style. Every outfit you pick shines with your hair color. And your extensions seamlessly flow into your natural hair like you’re Margot Robbie at the Golden Globes. And you’re like, this is me. AND I LOVE ME! Think this is a pretty great start to the day? Magic 8 ball says…Yes definitely! Without a doubt! You can rely on it!

THIS is why we love hairstylists. The collaboration you do with them creates a baseline of confidence and self-worth for your every day. Every day!

We’re Gabrielle and Ninna. Sisters, business partners, and co-owners. Our clients and stylists work with each other to make these moments happen on the daily. We help clients uncover their voice and achieve the “me” they want to see. We help stylists build their life and achieve the “me” they want to be. If this sounds like the hair of your dreams, schedule to work with us!

Gabrielle & Ninna

“Every one of these ladies knows about hair and takes the time to know each person that walks in the door. They not only care about your hair but they care about you.” -KP