HAIR COLOR FOR YOUR EVERY DAY. Imagine getting ready in the morning, looking in your closet, and every outfit you pick out shines with your hair color. And you’re like, this is me. AND I LOVE ME! Is this a pretty great start to the day? Magic 8 ball says…Without a doubt!

Hair Color & Highlights
Root Hair Color
New – $50+
Intermediate – $70+
Advanced – $80-85+
Root touch ups are applied to the roots only to maintain current style. Recommended refresh: 4-8 weeks. This is a translucent coverage of grey that offers a very natural result and fades out gradually over 4-6 weeks.
All Over Hair Color
New – $80+
Intermediate – $100+
Advanced – $110-125+
Hair color is applied to roots through the ends for an all over look. Recommended refresh: 4-8 weeks
New – $90+
Intermediate – $130+
Advanced – $145-160+
Balayage is a customized hand-painted technique that creates sun-kissed highlights for a natural, lived-in look. The highlights from a balayage are more subtle than a foil and may require multiple sessions to achieve a desired brightness. Recommended refresh: 12-24 weeks
New – $90+
Intermediate – $130+
Advanced – $145-165+
Applied using foils, highlights lighten hair with strands of a light color and lowlights add dimension with strands of a darker color. Recommended refresh: 6-10 weeks
New – $35+
Intermediate – $35+
Advanced – $35+
Semi-permanent treatment to help with both the condition and color of your hair. Adds shine and smooths down the cuticle of the hair and can also add tone or depth to colored hair.
New – $35
Intermediate – $35
Advanced – $35
Toners are often used in blonding services to alter the undertone of the hair to achieve your desired shade of blonde – such as cool, ashy, gold, or beige.
Men’s Grey Blending
New – $25
Intermediate – $30
Advanced – $30
Blends gray hair in a quick 5 minute process that lasts up to 4 weeks.

+ Prices of hair color and highlighting services are subject to change based on consultation. If you have a budget around the look you want to achieve, please let your stylist know at the beginning of your appointment.

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