Take control of your haircuts, color, and extensions.

Are you asking yourself right now, “But what do you mean by this?!” We’re glad you asked because this is going to change your life. Have you ever sat at the edge of your bathtub after a hair appointment with you head in your hands and tears streaming down your face? Feeling helpless, ruined, and wishing you could either turn back time or fast forward past the despair?

We’ve both been there and we know it doesn’t feel good. We also know that no stylist ever sets out to make you feel that way. So what do you do? We believe in the power of a collaborative approach to achieve the beauty you want to see and feel. If you’re still wondering, “But HOW?” It starts with you and what you have to say, what we can all learn from each other, and how we can evolve together.

Start telling your story and wake up each day with the beauty you want to see and feel!