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We believe that hair has an impactful influence on on our mood, how we see ourselves, and how others see us.  We take care to use approaches that will maintain the health of your hair while creating your desired look.  All appointments begin with a consultation with your stylist to connect and communicate expectations for your customized hair journey.

Individual service prices are determined by the experience level of the establish salon stylist and can be found on their bio page.

Haircut:  women $37+, men $32+, child (10 and under) $20+
Hair is shampooed and conditioned, cut and shaped with a variety of hair cutting techniques, blow dried and styled to your desired look.  Recommended refresh:  every 6-12 weeks

Blow Out:  $35+
Hair is shampooed and conditioned, blow dried and styled to your desired look.

Hair Extensions:  price upon consultation
We use easihairpro hair extensions, a superior non-damaging solution to add length, volume, or color to achieve your desired look.  Out stylists are certified in the application, styling, and care of your extensions and will make recommendations for the best extension experience.  Recommended refresh:  6-10 weeks

Color:  $40+
We use Aveda hair color which is up to 96% naturally derived and is customized just for you for personalized results every time.  Hair color is applied to roots through the ends for an all over look.  Root touch ups may require application to the roots only to maintain current style.  Recommended refresh:  4-8 weeks

Shadow Root:  price upon consultation
Shadow root is a hair color technique in which a darker shade is applied directly to the roots to blur the where the highlight and the natural color meet.

Root Melt:  price upon consultation
Root melt is a hair color technique that blends the root color with highlights or balayage.  A root melt goes deeper down than a shadow root, creating a dramatic rooty, lived in look. 

Root Smudge:  price upon consultation
Root smudge is a hair color technique that uses a slightly lighter hair color to the roots for a seamless blend from root to highlight. 

Balayage:  partial $70+, full $90+
Balayage is a customized hand-painted technique that creates sun-kissed highlights for a natural, lived-in look.  The highlights from a balayage are more subtle than a foil and may require multiple sessions to achieve a desired brightness.  Recommended refresh:  12-24 weeks

Mens Gray Blending:  $25
Blends gray hair in a quick 5 minute process that lasts up to 4 weeks.

Highlights:  partial foil $50+, full foil $70+
Applied using foils, highlights lighten hair with strands of a light color and lowlights add dimension with strands of a darker color.  Recommended refresh:  6-10 weeks

Money Piece:  price upon consultation
Face framing highlights in balayage that start at the root and continue to the ends of the hair. 

Babylights:  price upon consultation
Delicate, white-blonde highlights to mimic blonde as if your hair was naturally lightened in the sun. 

Bleach & Tone:  $90+
Process of applying bleach all over then applying a toner to get the desired undertone of blonde.  Recommended refresh: 4-8 weeks

Toner:  price upon consultation
Applied to bleached or blonde hair to achieve the desired shade of blonde.  Most hair tends to lift brassy so a toner is applied to bleached or blonde hair to achieve the desired shade of blonde – such as cool, ashy, beige, or golden.  Recommended refresh:  6 weeks

Gloss:  $25+
Semi-permanent treatment to help with both the condition and color of your hair.  Adds shine and smooths down the cuticle of the hair and can also add tone or depth to colored hair.

Conditioning Treatment:  $25+
A deep conditioning treatment in-salon restores hair’s moisture, giving it a smoother and shinier appearance.  One of the reasons that hair becomes unmanageable and dull looking is because it’s lacking moisture.  Try an in-salon conditioning treatment with any hair service. 

Waxing:  lip $10, chin $15, brow $20

Tinting:  brows $20, lashes $20