What if your career could be what you’ve always wanted. And you didn’t have to do it all yourself to get there?

You’re great at what you do. You make people feel beautiful every day and you’ve worked hard to get where you are. But along the way, you’ve been under-appreciated by commission salons and overworked trying to do it all yourself. And instead of feeling connected to something, you’re more disconnected than ever and questioning whether you love this career anymore.

That’s where we come in. Supporting stylists is what we do best. 

5 Reader’s Choice Award winning stylists
Brought in nearly 1000 new clients last year
Retirement planning for your future and control of your own destiny
Health insurance for your wellbeing and independence
Flexible scheduling for travel, staycations, family, and life

(And you never have to come up with another Instagram post again!)

It’s how work is supposed to be. 

Because it was never leadership or structure that wasn’t working. It was the right leadership and the right structure working for you that were the missing pieces to you dream life puzzle.

When you stop believing you have to do it all yourself and start seeing the success of working with the right people. That’s when you work more freely, creatively, and less stressed out-ly.

We’re here to put the love back into what you do best and build the life you’ve always imagined. If you want this for you, head over to our careers page and send us a message of how we can best support you!

-Gabrielle & Ninna