We saw a stylist comment that they are the CEO of their rental booth. They described it as “Chief Everything Officer” and it blew our minds thinking about what that means. We know what we do and there are two of us. And we don’t do hair.

So we tried to imagine our job, then taking on the other’s job, and on top of that taking on the job our stylists do. And we had to stop because it gave us shortness of breath and heart palpitations thinking of doing everything everyone does.

If you love it and it works for you, then we say don’t change a thing. Keep going.

But if it’s what you thought you HAD to do to get the flexibility, choices, and compensation you wanted for your life. And you discovered that the E in CEO has a different meaning than what you thought it did. Then this is for you.

While you’re taking care of clients in your chair, making reels, picking up color for the week, itemizing taxes, paying rent (that’s due today), and responding to text messages and DMs about scheduling, rescheduling, and redos (“Can’t I just come to your house so you can do it now?”), is anyone taking care of you?

  • or ADVISING you?
  • or PROMOTING you?
  • or responding to those messages because you have your daughter’s hockey game to go to tonight?


Because we don’t think you have to do it all to get the life you want.

If you’re thinking, I already tried a commission salon and it didn’t work for me, why in the world would I go BACK? We get that.

That’s why we’re not saying go back to the salon that didn’t work.

We’re saying, move forward to the salon that works for you.

Over the years, leadership in many salons have settled into habits that made the salon experience less-than-ideal for both stylists and clients. (Does zero flexibility, non-competes, and cancellation fees sound familiar?)

So as a result, this has overshadowed the leadership of the commission salons who have been doing it right.

  • Building up their stylists.
  • Listening to their clients.
  • And understanding that we all have (and should have!) a life outside of the salon.


Because we believe the industry is at its best when owners, stylists, and clients know how to work, live, and grow together.

So if being the Chief Everything Officer is taking a toll on your creativity, your energy, and your life, send us a message with how we can best support you.

We’re here to take things off your plate (like responding to messages) and fill it with more of what you love to do (like making people feel beautiful and then going to the hockey game).

Can you think of a better E word than Everything for CEO?!

-Gabrielle & Ninna