Did you know, 82% of managers are considered “accidental managers?” That’s why even thought they have the title, they don’t have the managerial skills to back it up.

If you want to make a difference in your every day, you need to find a manager who works for you.

So how does an accidental manager happen? It’s usually because they did really well in their roll, or the company promoted them so they wouldn’t leave, or they’ve simply been with the company for a long time. The problem? None of these reasons have anything to do with understanding how to lead you.

Let’s take the one who did really well in their roll, for example. The reality is, the best producers are not the best leaders. And why is that? Because producers like to produce! They don’t want to be bogged down with thinking about you. They just want to do their thing.

Now, there are absolutely exceptions to this. We know stylists who do both really, really well. But the overwhelming majority (82%!) are accidental leaders who measure success by doing, and view the skills of leadership as a waste of their time. So it’s no wonder why stylists and clients have struggled with managers.

Only 18% know how to (and want to) work for you.

Like us. (And Jennifer Aniston’s manager.)

Jennifer Aniston has a manager. And they have built a big, successful, satisfying career, together.

When Ninna was 16 and working as a salon receptionist, she was surrounded by stylists and clients every day after school. She saw the tears on both sides of a bad haircut and found herself really devastated.

Her heart went out to the client who thought it was too short. And her heart went out to the stylist who genuinely thought she understood the consultation.

And she thought, I want to be an advocate for both of these people.

This is what we do. Every day.

If you think a manager is meant to stand in the way and tell you what you can’t do, you’re looking at it the wrong way. Get yourself a manager who will be there for you. We think Jen would agree, don’t you?

-Gabrielle & Ninna